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I know so many of us worry about the wording we use with EFT. Personally, I love the word play and how my intuition and scientific background bring words to me easily. My preference is to be as specific as possible. Yet, I had an experience where it didn’t matter what words I was using. It was all about my intention.

Yair is a 3 year old with cancer. He doesn’t speak Spanish or English or any language that is spoken in the hospital where he is being treated. After time, lots of smiles, waves on my part, and surrogate tapping on myself as I stood near him, we have become friends. I would come by and tap on myself and watch him giggle as I did. Later I could do a little tapping on him too. I gave him a Tappybear. Now we tap on Tappy while I say words in Spanish that he doesn’t understand, but he likes it anyway.

One day Yair grabbed the blue bag where his Tappy was kept, opened it and carefully paw by paw took Tappy out of it while I was sitting on the edge of his hospital bed. He handed him to me as if he wanted me to tap with him. I gladly obliged. I tapped and spoke in Spanish about what a good boy he is while he laughed. He smacked the buttons or just Tappy as I was tapping with him. It is his way of doing EFT with me. Then he grabbed Tappy, gave him a big hug and me a big smile. My heart melted as I could see that it was his way of telling me he was grateful for my presence, my smiles, my attentions, intentions, EFT and that he had a lovely Tappy of his own.

He likes the attention, and from my point of view the energetic connection between us that comes from my intentions, in this case, to help him feel better. This child has changed significantly from the fearful child who would cry and cry every day, and later when anyone came near him, to a relaxed, content, playful young boy. This change will provide a positive effect on the ability of his body to heal.

For me, intentions are an important part of doing EFT. My intention is always that the EFT I facilitate is for the best and highest good of the person receiving it. I use specific words when I can, when I can’t, as in the case of Yair; I let my intentions set the stage for creating the beautiful interaction and clearing that follow, whatever that may be.



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