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Initial Contact
Rodolfo, an 11 year old, was back in the hospital because of pain in his stomach and side. He was diagnosed with a calcified mass in his right kidney. I tapped with him to get rid of that initial pain and from there on he took on tapping with Tappy as a daily ritual. I left a Tappy with him in the hospital; he slept with it and tapped with him daily. Even when he went home he tapped every day. He promised to tap twice a day and he did. The results are marvelous.

He was scheduled for surgery to remove the kidney mass. He was afraid of this surgery and we tapped away all of those fears. In Louis L Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life” it talks about kidney problems having to do with self-criticism. I told him kidneys represent criticism, especially self-criticism. He agreed he was very critical of himself.
We tapped:
I’m so critical of myself.
I always tell myself how bad I am, or how poorly I do things.
I cut myself down.
I am hard on myself, just like my calcified mass.
I criticize others.
I’m hard on them too.
My family criticizes me too.
They are hard on me.
No wonder I have this hard mass in my kidney.
I feel hurt when others don’t like what I say or do.

We tapped:
I choose to be nice to myself.
I am a good boy.
I’m a great kid and I’m talented.
I say nice things about myself and others.
I am worthy.
I choose to praise myself when I do well.

Visualizing and Tapping Away the Calcified Kidney Mass
We worked on the mass itself. We started by imagining it. It was about the size of a grapefruit. We saw these precancerous cells encapsulated in light, just like the grapefruit has a skin around it. I asked Rodolfo if he imagined doing whatever he needed to remove that mass what would he do. He said, “Cut it out with a sword.” It was a magic sword.

We tapped:
I use my sword to cut that mass into pieces, 5 pieces.
I burn those bad cells until there is only ash left and I blow away the ashes.
I change those bad cells into good cells.
Even if the doctors need to take them out it is ok.
It means I get to start again without criticizing myself.
I am a sweet boy.
I am sweet to myself.
I don’t take things personally.
I know when it is about me and when it isn’t.
I take responsibility for my stuff but not that of others.

Once we did this he was no longer afraid of the surgery. We continued:
I release any hidden fears or need to cover them up so that I appear strong.
He began to yawn profusely as we tapped. (Yawning is a sign up release when tapping).
I am a good boy, not a bad boy.
We change our fears to strengths.

We imagined how the surgery would go from beginning to end and tapped while we did it. We tapped:
I am smiling and laughing with the nurses and doctors.
They treat me really well.
They take care of me.
I go to sleep without worries.
I know the surgeon is doing his best work.
I take 5 angels with me to take care of me and the doctors and nurses.
I come back to my room afterwards and feel fine.

He liked these images very much. He told me that if he felt any fear when he was about to go to surgery he would tap. In the end, the surgery was put off and this was his opportunity to tap to remove that mass.

Tapping at Home without and with Tappy
Rodolfo promised to tap 2 times a day when at home (even without a Tappy). He did. The results were obvious. He looked fabulous when I saw him again. He had great color, was smiling ear to ear and looked so very happy, even though he was waiting to have his appointment with the doctor. The stomach aches he usually had when at the hospital had gone away. He hadn’t had a cold, like he usually got.

When I received some donations for TappyBears, Rodolfo received one. I think it was the best gift he had ever received. He beamed a smile at me as he received his Tappy and promised to tap every day, and he has. (click on the TappyBear image on my links page on my website www.findthelightwithin.com for more info)

Rodolfo is an EFT Champion
Rodolfo is true to his word about tapping every day. He still uses his “magic sword” to feel strong and protected. In fact, he went way beyond what he promised. He taps every day with his parents. He taught his younger sister and brother, his aunts and uncles, his cousins and friends to tap (or do EFT). Two of his friends come over every day after school and they tap together.

Wow! Here is a young man who not only actively taps every day, he recognized how great he feels when doing EFT and then he took it upon himself to teach his family and friends. When you see him, you understand how well he is doing. He looks fabulous. He has a full head of hair; has grown, and has the most incredible smile. Beyond all of that the most obvious thing you notice is that he actually emanates peace. You can see it in his eyes. That’s why for me, Rodolfo is an EFT Champion.

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