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When I first met Maria de los Angeles, a 3 year old with leukemia, she was angry, crying, hitting her mother because she was felt so bad. The mother couldn’t do anything with her. She told me that Maria de los Angeles couldn’t eat because her mouth had sores in it, and her throat and stomach hurt from the chemotherapy. I sat next to them with Tappy and began to tap. Within a short time she began quiet and watched me tap for her. She was quiet for a little while, then again became upset.

There were two psychologists in the hospital room who had been asking me about EFT, so I asked them and another of the mothers to tap along with me surrogately for Maria de los Angeles. We tapped: My mouth hurts and I can’t nurse. I want to eat but it hurts my mouth, my throat and my stomach. I can’t eat and I am angry. I am angry at my mom for bringing me here where they give me things that make me feel bad. She quieted again. This time her mother walked with her to the window and they looked outside. Later they were playing “Pick up Sticks” on her bed. The mother told me the next day that she had been calm the rest of the day. She began to eat that night and in the morning.

Child Reminds Mom to Tap
This little 3 year old reminds her mother to tap, even though she doesn’t speak. She takes her fingers and begins to tap on herself or her mom until the mom taps along with her. She does this with frequency.

Waits for Me
Maria de los Angeles waits for me to arrive and tap with her. When I ask if she wants to tap with me, she smiles and gives me a big nod yes. We tap: I am a good girl. I am wonderful. I am a princess. I am beautiful, full of love. I am healing. I am getting better. I am healthy. I am an angel. I am very powerful. Every time I see her she is all smiles and ready to tap. Her demeanor has changed completely. She is happy and content. She loves to tap. She has even started to speak.

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