I’ve come to this conclusion: Kids are the KEY to deep long lasting healing in the human race. If kids are taught how to release their anxieties, fears, and problems before they get fixed in their subconscious and then have more layers put on top of them, imagine how much better their lives will be. Imagine how much suffering they will avoid. Imagine how much more enjoyable life will be because they will know they are divine, worthy, wonderful beings just because they exist. They will have EFT as a tool to help them release any trauma that comes into their lives and to instill the positive healthy beliefs.

Here’s an example of how I see this coming about in real life. A mother came into the cancer ward with her 5 year old boy for his treatments. She told me that one day she was upset with her son for doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. He immediately started tapping, “Like the lady (me as I taught him how to do EFT) told me, I’m a good kid.” The mother laughed and told her son, “Yes, even if you do things you aren’t supposed to, you are a good boy.” For me, this is a perfect example of empowering a child, giving him the understanding that he is a wonderful person no matter if someone, even his mother, is upset with him. He understands his core self has worth. It allowed his mother to let go of her frustration with her child and see him for the beautiful being he is. For me, this created a new mother/child interact filled with compassion, understanding and love.

We adults are also lucky because we can use the same tool to release the pain and trauma that our own Inner Child suffered and is still carrying. I do a lot of EFT with my clients based exactly on the part of them that is holding a trauma. As the inner child releases that trauma, so much relief is felt. Once that inner child releases the trauma, the adult can is free to create a new belief and manifest something better.

See Kids are the KEY, whether physically a child or our own inner child.

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