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Red Fear
Karen is a 4 year old with big eyes. She has leukemia. Her face was flushed red with blotches. I showed her TappyBear and tapped along for her. At first she was shy but then enjoyed it. We tapped on Tappy about the fear she had when she first got sick. The first sign of her illness was fever. It would come back again and again roughly about every two weeks. The fear was red. We tapped that we threw it away. We also tapped to throw away her illness. Since then her face rarely gets flushed and red.

Bringing Daddy Back
Even though Karen is very young, she is incredibly smart and has a great memory. Since she has such a good memory, I asked if she remembered why she got sick. She said my dad came back when I was sick. He was away. We tapped:

I had to get sick so dad would come home.
He came home because I got sick.
He came home to take care of me.
I had to get sick so he would come home.
I am a good girl and don’t have to get sick to have my dad come home or stay.
I can get well.

At this point where I started to mention it being safe to be well, she got tired. As if it were too much to give up that belief.

Dancing with Tappy
The next day I tapped with Karen and Geraldine. We each had a TappyBear. I tapped on his buttons and they followed along saying what I did. I continued from where Karen and I left off the day before. We tapped:

I am loved whether I’m sick or well.
I don’t have to get sick to have my dad at home.
I can be healthy and have the love of both of my parents.
I am a great girl.
I can heal.
My body heals.
I am worthy.
I am loved.
I am an angel.
I am love.

Something clicked when they tapped that they were love. They opened their eyes wide as if never occurred to them before. Then they both got up, put the TappyBears on top of their heads and started to dance around the cancer ward. There was such glee in their dance. I had never seen such a display of joy in this ward before. It brought smiles to all of us in the room to see such pure joy.

Karen Quote
I like to touch TappyBear because he is so lovely.

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