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Jonathan was a young man of 15 years when I met him. He would hardly ever talk to me or anyone else. He was angry, frustrated and disgusted with the world. He closed himself off into his own world of misery, the pain and suffering of leukemia.

Even though he would not talk to me, I would come by, talk to him, do EFT for him while he watched me. On the rare occasion he would say something. I did get to know one of his sisters and together we tapped for Jonathan. She told me that Jonathan’s father had died when he was 8. He was basically home alone as his mother had to work to take care of them all. He was the youngest of 8 children.

One Friday Jonathan was in really bad shape. I had a mental conversation with Jonathan. I told him that I understood why he was so angry with his mother for not being there for him, for his father leaving and that he had reason to be angry with the world. He felt anger that his mother didn’t love him because she herself was like a little girl so couldn’t be there for him, and that his father died and left him. He had every reason to be angry with the world. I told him that he had two choices: Stay and heal it with love in his heart, or leave and be in Spirit. I told him that either option was fine. It was up to him. I left the hospital with the feeling that he would not be alive the next time I came in. I arrived on Monday to a great surprise of him looking much better and with more of his family with him than I had ever seen.

Over the following months, Jonathan became a different young man. He smiled, talked, and was open. He did EFT with me every time I came in. He used the TappyBear too when no one was around. I tapped with his sisters and his mother and with him about his healing, about his hurts and wounds, and each of their hurts. I saw that what Jonathan wanted more than anything in life was to feel loved. By doing EFT he released many of his blocks to receiving love.

The last time I saw Jonathan, he looked truly happy and content as he left the hospital. He had a look of peace in his eyes. He told one of the other mothers just before he left that he felt good, that he felt at peace, and he was ok, but he knew his body could not recover. At the time I met him, his body had not been responding to any treatment for months. So even though Jonathan passed away a few months later, he gained something so important, so grand, so incredible: he passed on feeling at peace instead of being angry with the world; he created a healing within himself and his family, one that allowed him to feel their love, the one thing he wanted most in life. That gift will live on for a long time.

Bless you Jonathan for being such a wonderful soul. I thank you for teaching me that I may not always succeed in helping the children heal themselves of cancer, but that something grander may come of it, healing of the heart and soul.

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