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First Day at Hospital

Jhenifher is a lucky one. I met her the first day she arrived at the hospital, right after her diagnosis of having leukemia. That very day I introduced her to Tappy Bear, EFT, and how to use her magic fingers. I call them magic fingers because tapping (EFT) with their fingers brings about great changes in them. She tapped along with me on Tappy. We started with simple things like: she is a good girl; she’s ok, smart, and lovely. We tapped on her fear of being in the hospital, being ill and not coming out (meaning not getting better). We tapped and put all her fears in a red balloon and sent them away. She was all smiles.

The next time I spoke to her she was telling me that she had been tapping and how good it made her feel. We tapped about her illness. It was ugly. We tapped: It is ugly. It is so ugly. It scares me. I don’t understand it. I’m afraid of it. I can change it from ugly to something nice. I see it changing now. Now it is nice. I feel better. We tapped about her body healing, being happy, feeling good and healthy. We tapped: I am valuable. I didn’t do anything wrong even though my parents left me with my grandmother. I have lots of value just because I exist.

I saw her three weeks later. She looked absolutely radiant. She felt good. She didn’t have any pain, or fear. She has been tapping at home. I gave her a Tappy Bear and since then she taps with him every day.

Sugar and Sweetness
One day she was in for treatments and was told her blood sugar was too high. Two days before she had visitors from her school (the whole class) who brought her cake. Even though she had only a small piece, her blood sugar rose and she got dizzy. We tapped: It is ok to have a piece of cake. It is ok to have visitors and be treated special. I am sweet. It is ok to be appreciated and supported. It is ok to receive. It is ok to have normal blood sugar. The look on her face told me everything. She was not accustomed to having so many people be “sweet” to her. It had been too much, but now she could receive that attention and not get out of balance.

Stomach Pain from Meds
One day her stomach hurt after she was given her meds. I asked her to scan her body to find out where it was not good. We tapped and imagined pink light there to protect her stomach from the medicines. She looked up and said it was gone. Then we choose an animal to represent her healthy. For Jhenifher it was a little bear. A little bear because it is tender, smart, intelligent, loving and gives lots of hugs. I also got a real hug from her.

No Pain since Tappy
Jhenifher and the other children with leukemia periodically receive an injection in the spinal column. Even though an analgesic is put on their back, they suffer from the injection. I saw her after the injection and she told me that it really didn’t hurt. We tapped: Any residual pain can leave my body now. The following day she told me that she told the doctor during the spinal injection he was giving her that since she has been tapping with Tappy, she doesn’t feel any pain.

Fear of Loss
Jhenifher’s father left her brother and her when she was 4 years old. She didn’t know why then and still doesn’t. She has been living with her grandparents since then. We tapped: Even though my father abandoned me, I’m a good girl. I am loveable. I am loved. I didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t know what happened between my mother and father. They never told me but I am still a wonderful girl. It was not about me. It was an adult thing. I am valuable. Then she told me she is afraid her grandfather will die. He is her only male figure. We tapped: I’m afraid grandpa will die and leave me. He will leave me just like my dad did. I wouldn’t know how to find him. My dad calls me once in awhile, but how would I talk to grandpa after he dies. I don’t want to lose him too. The fear of him dying was black. I will be ok. He is fine now. Just cuz my dad left me, doesn’t mean every man will leave me. One day I can have a boyfriend or husband and he can stay with me because I am valuable. Not all men leave. One day when grandpa does pass on, I’ll know how to contact him in Spirit. It will be like he is with me all the time. Her fear disappeared and she felt fine about her grandfather, i.e., not worried about him dying anymore. She wasn’t worried about being abandoned.

Excellent Case
Jhenifher is an excellent case because she taps and talks to her Tappy Bear all the time. She is motivated to tap, to feel good and to heal. She told me the other day that she is certain she will heal. She has the support of all those she taught how to do EFT: her grandmother, grandfather, mother, father, brother, 2 sisters and uncle.

Planning for the Future
Jhenifher asked me to be her godmother at her 15th birthday party. She is currently 11 years old. The significance of this request is that it shows she is planning for the future, not afraid of today or tomorrow as most of the children with leukemia have, an intense fear of dying and making any plans. Here is Jhenifher planning four years out into the future. She is definitely moving past all fears of illness because she is focusing on today and what she desires for the future.

Quote by Jhenifher
"I use Tappy every day, all day and I feel content. I use Tappy to get rid of my fears especially when I have to come to the hospital.

I feel so proud to have received Tappy. I want to go back to school so I can share my appreciation with my classmates and show them how to use Tappy to feel good too."

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