Energy Profiling® and Dressing Your Light Within have been life transforming for me. So much so that I look incredible and feel as if finally I am "at home" in my physical body while understanding who I am and what my gifts are. What a delicious experience!

Believe me it keeps getting better and better. Knowing your profile is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself and those you love. Energy Profiling® teaches about the four main elements in nature and how everything is created from them, even us.

These elements are:
• nitrogen/air
• oxygen/water
• hydrogen/fire
• carbon/earth.

Each one has a unique movement and expression. You have a dominant element or movement, which determines your Type, but the unique combination of these 4 elements makes you completely unique and special.

Understanding how these elements and movements are expressed through you gives you a deep understanding of your innate nature. Knowing your Type helps you understand:
• Why you do the things you do.
• Why other people are the way they are.
• More about the unique gifts and talents you have to offer to the world!
• How to live your life with more grace and ease.
• How to honor yourself more fully.

Your unique Energy Profile® is determined by your own movement through life – your personality, behavior, thinking patterns, physical features and body language. In this class you will recognize them and identify yourself with one of the four elements. This becomes your unique Energy Profile® or your Type.

This typing does not categorize you but actually frees you to understand how and why you “move” in a certain way, as well as how your unique combination of elements and movements makes you so special.

Gift yourself the knowledge of knowing your Energy Profile and begin to enjoy living and expressing the Light Within you.

Individual Profiling: $100 USD (2 hours)
Group Profiling: $39 USD/person – groups of 3 or more (2 hours)

Contact Deborah to organize a profiling session

               Phone:           (+011 52) 951 515 3332   (Oaxaca, Mexico)

                                     713 893 3440   (U.S.A.)

               Email:            ddmiller7@findthelightwithin.com or ddmiller7@yahoo.com

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