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The first time I met Emigdio he was alone in the hospital bed, lying there pale, sad and without any energy. He has leukemia. He saw me come in with TappyBear and I could see the curiosity in his eyes. Who is this woman carrying a stuffed bear? I asked him if he wanted to learn how to use his magic fingers. He nodded. When I asked him if he felt sad or had pain, he said he didn’t have any energy. We tapped about energy and his color got better and he sat up.

The next time I saw him his color was still good and he told me he felt lots more energy, much less tired. He was smiling so widely. I asked him if he had any fears. He did. I asked what color it was. He said it didn’t have a color. I asked if it had a form. He said an animal. I asked him to close his eyes and tell me what animal. It was a dog. When I asked if it was a ferocious dog he nodded vigorously yes. We tapped on the fear, the dog, the mean dog, the black mean dog, the bad dog and then changed him into a nice dog, a pet, a friendly dog. I asked him to close his eyes again to look at the fear that was a dog. He did, but then opened them quickly with pleasantly surprised shock on his face. He said it wasn’t a bad dog, but a good dog. He was smiling from ear to ear. Since he was alone again I asked if he misses his family. Of course he did. I had him tap on seeing his family in his mind’s eye and that they were always close. When we finished he didn’t feel alone but that his family was right next to him.

A day later I asked him about the fear being a dog. That was gone, but the night before he saw the fear as a woman, a yelling woman. We again tapped to change her from a mean yelling woman to a nice one. It only took a minute or two. That image disappeared too. Another layer of his fear had appeared and this time very quickly disappeared. I reminded him to tap on himself whenever he felt fear.

The following day, the nurse came up to me telling me that Emigdio had excitedly told her about how we had used Tappy to get rid of his fears. As I work with this young boy and see how excited about healing he is and having a way to get rid of his fears, my heart fills and tears come to my eyes.

The Promise
A few weeks later, he was in ICU with an intestinal infection. We used Tappy to release his image of his disease. He told me it was green, an ugly green. As we tapped he decided to burn it. It took a while but then it was gone. We put “energy” in its place.

I asked him if he remembered when he first got sick. Without pause, he said three years ago when he little brother got ill. He was scared, that fear was like lots of bad dogs. We tapped to release those fears/bad dogs. I asked him if there was anything else. He said he was scared for his little brother so he promised to get sick so his brother could get better. We tapped: I was scared for my little brother and got sick instead. He got well, but I stayed sick. I thought I was doing a good thing to make him better. I didn’t know he would get well on his own. Then I stayed sick. I am a good boy. I promised to get ill because I love my little brother so much. I chose to get ill for my brother, but I don’t have to do that anymore. Now I know my brother will get well on his own, and I can get well too. I release myself from that promise to be ill for him. I can now get better.
He said it was gone but I knew something stayed by the look on his face. So I had him look at his disease again. This time it was a pain in his left chest/heart. I asked if he felt guilty and he did. We tapped: I feel guilty because I promised to get sick so my brother could get well. I am a good kid doing what I thought was best. I didn’t know better, but now I am free to heal too. He looked so relieved. Afterwards he only wanted to close his eyes and sleep. There is nothing like a deep release to make you want to rest.

Imagine a child having made a promise to become ill so his brother could heal. How does one heal himself when there is a promise in place to be ill? Releasing that promise felt important in his personal belief that he has the right to be healthy. The next time I saw him he looked wonderful, happy and healthy. His father said he was doing well.
When I receive donations I give Tappy Bears to the children. Emigdio now has his own TappyBear to use when at home. The smile on his face when he received his Tappy was enormous.

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