I want to create win-win-win opportunities for everyone. That is my heart-felt desire. So I’m very excited to let you know that I’ve finally created an affiliate program called Deborah Miller - Light Within Enterprise Affiliate.

I love the word play that goes along with Tapping. I love creating and providing scripts and audios that can help people with the wording so that they can experience deeper release and inner peace. Now not only can I do that on my own, but I can give you an opportunity to do that with me either via email or your own website (if you have one).

In the end, everyone wins: the person who gets the Tapping script and/or audio, you as an affiliate (if you decide to join) with your earnings, me by allowing this material to go out to more people. To top it off, together we clear a bigger part of the “Unified Field” where we are all joined energetically.

For me, that is part of creating a community of loving interactions that we all long for and that is truly our divine right.

I hope that providing the Tapping scripts and audios along with an opportunity for you to benefit as well, will be part of creating that loving community.

Join me now to create that community

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